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Uniform Policy

An approved school uniform shall be worn by all students.  As a general rule, students should be in the proper uniform during school hours.  Although specific requirements and guidelines follow, the general rule is that all things concerning dress at Horace Mann Elementary (HMS) should be appropriate.  At all times it is the teacher and the principal who will determine the appropriateness of a particular concern associated with the dress code.

The basic school uniform is a navy blue “top” and a khaki “bottom”.  Girls also have the option of a school uniform jumper. Uniforms may be purchased from any uniform supply store.  A generic version of the uniform may be purchased at any store provided that it meets the color and intent of this policy.

School uniforms are worn at Horace Mann Elementary to create an environment that focuses on school work by the individual and not on individual attire.  The guidelines are given to help parents make correct judgments about the appropriateness of clothes or certain accessories when buying for their students.  The parent is expected to take responsibility for the guidelines of the uniform policy.

  1. The uniform should be clean and neat at all times. Clothing must have a hem and be of appropriate length.
  2. All clothing must be size-appropriate for the student. Baggy pants are not acceptable.
  3. School uniform “top” is a navy blue polo shirt, sweater, turtleneck or button-down collared shirt.
  4. School uniform “bottom” is a khaki twill pant, short, skort or skirt. Corduroy material or jeans are not acceptable.
  5. Belts are optional, but are recommend to wear with any “bottom” that have belt loops. Belts must have a simple buckle of a single color.
  6. Optional for girls is a school uniform jumper with a navy blue polo or navy blue turtleneck shirt.
  7. Navy blue or white socks must be worn every day.  Navy blue or white tights may be worn under the uniform jumper.  No leg warmers, spandex or other decorative stockings may be worn.
  8. Shoes should be appropriate for school. Fashion shoes are usually not appropriate. Flip flops, high heels, sandals and shoes without support are generally not acceptable.
  9. Jacket and outerwear must be solid in color, and may not contain logos or other markings (except the HMS name and/or logo).
  10. Hats are not to be worn at school. On cold days students may wear hats to school but must take them off when they enter the building.
  11. Scouts may wear their uniforms on meeting days provided that they are in full uniform.
  12. There can be no names, inscriptions, or logos on any article of clothing except for the HMS name and/or logo.
  13. Any clothing that bears the HMS name and/or logo is considered part of the uniform.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school in the event that it is a financial hardship to purchase uniforms.  A uniform closet is available at the school where used uniforms can be borrowed or purchased.